Some of the larger projects we have completed for our customers worldwide in the last 20 years.


– Program of the facts of the case                                             Lufthansa Cargo

– APIS data acquisition                                                             AUA, Swiss, Lufthansa and BMI

– Passenger control operations with AM3 System                        Lufthansa

– Program for the transmission of APIS data to India                  Lufthansa

– Migration Unisys to Altea DCS                                                Lufthansa

– Passenger control system VIAGUIDE                                       Lufthansa

– Passenger control system Qmetrix                                          Lufthansa

– PC-supported training of employees Project MIND Lounge        Lufthansa

– Control systems DOCcheck                                                    Lufthansa

– Mobile loading with Motion tablets                                          Lufthansa

– Support IT relocation from HCC to IOCC                                 Lufthansa      

– OPR commissioning Amadeus                                                Lufthansa

– CameraOPS Project                                                               Lufthansa 

– First-class flight monitors                                                       Lufthansa

– Program for faster loading of baggage                                     Lufthansa

– Mobile check in at trade fairs and events                                 Lufthansa

– Change of infrastructure from modem-based networks to LAN   Lufthansa

– Use of Tablet PCs under Windows with touchscreen                  Lufthansa

– IT support commissioning of First Class Terminal                      Lufthansa

– PDAs MC75 to load the aircraft of foreign                                 Lufthansa

– Car PC Project                                                                       Lufthansa

– Connection of FRAPORT systems to the LufthansaNet BRS, FDT+…  


– NoFly Selectee recognition software via fuzzy logic                  Lufthansa